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Customer reviews
     The personnel were fantastic and did an excellent job. Thanks for the home help.
W. Mcmanus20/06/2024
     Always greeted by a friendly staff that's on time and great at cleaning.
J. Garland10/06/2024
     First-class service, highly recommend. Fast scheduling of fortnightly cleaning and easy agreement on timing. Excellent service provided.
Malcolm Sutherland31/05/2024
     Dependability and efficiency are key traits of this service provider.
Leah Smythe 17/05/2024
     This cleaning company has made maintaining a clean home so much easier for me. The cleaner that came by my house was experienced, industrious, courteous and flexible.
K. Grant16/04/2024
     I am beyond impressed with the results of the cleaning, my house is now a clean and inviting space thanks to the team's efforts.
Delia Kenton 27/03/2024
     What a fantastic experience we had with Belgravia Cleaning Service yesterday! The gentleman who came over was fantastic and did an impeccable job cleaning our carpets, which had definitely suffered from being stuck indoors for such a long time.
S. Anders11/03/2024
     The skilled cleaner's positive attitude and attention to detail were evident in the fantastic service we received, making it an unforgettable experience.
Gemma R.01/03/2024
     These hardworking ladies took away all my stress and gave me back a perfectly clean and organized house.
Reese Burroughs19/02/2024
     Exceptional service, the carpets look flawless! I am beyond thrilled with Cleaning Belgravia's work on my carpets.
Candace W.09/02/2024
     High-end products specially designed for the experienced window washers. Fantastic prices. Amazing.
Aubrey Brooks30/01/2024
      Belgravia Cleaning Company did an incredible job. The transformation they made on my carpet is unbelievable.
Stacy Perez20/01/2024
     The cleaner maintained a professional and friendly demeanor throughout their service.
Franklin P.18/12/2023
     Thanks to a reference, I had Cleaners Belgravia come over for an office clean and it exceeded expectations! They did a fantastic job and we'll definitely be hiring them again sometime soon.
     Cleaning has always annoyed me and I have never been a fan of it. I didn't know a way round it and used to dread trying to pick up after myself and clean everything every single week. Hiring cleaners from Belgravia Cleaning Company has made my life so much easier and I don't have to worry about doing anything myself. I love the service.
     I inherited all of my furniture from a family member, but I wanted to make sure it was properly cleaned because of my pet allergies. I contacted CleanersBelgravia to enquire about their upholstery cleaning service and was very happy with the friendly and knowledgeable staff member. I hired the company and was equally impressed with the service itself - this company work really hard to deliver the best for the customer, and it's service like this that I really appreciate!
Kerry T.29/01/2015
     Very impressed with CleanersBelgravia. We hired them to help with a big one of clean, but I can now safely say that this could become far more regular. We were expecting just a bit of a tidy up and some of the cobwebs to be kicked out of the corners. We weren't expecting such a big impact. They managed to clean everything, even the bits we'd never even thought of. With so much done in such a short space of time, I'm hugely looking forward to working with them again in the near future.
Harvey Santana07/01/2015
     I was busy with work and decided to hire some help with my home cleaning. CleanersBelgravia were brilliant. The office arranged everything and explained the different services. I opted to begin with a spring clean service to cover every detail then follow up with a general tidy up every week. The workers are polite and friendly and hardworking. The work I receive is fantastic and a good price. My house looks immaculate and smells so fresh; I am so pleased with the entire service.
V. Kelly24/11/2014
     Our premises needed a good kitchen cleaner as our in house cleaner struggles to get the ovens cleaned ready for the evening shift. CleanersBelgravia come in every week for an hour and do the job for us, helping us to comply with the Department of Health regulations and giving our workers a clean and tidy kitchen area to work in. I would most definitely recommend this cleaning company for commercial cleaning and restaurant cleaning services. What's more, they have all the cleaning products they need to do the job you need and it is very easy to work with them because of that.
     Wonderful service! CleanersBelgravia provide a good reliable service with reliable cleaners. I work in the property business and my livelihood relies on services like this. After having worked with many cleaners over the years these guys are definitely some of the best I've come across. I now have an on-going contract with them and they never let me down. Also, the cleaners they send are professionals who take pride in their work and don't cut any corners. I cannot praise them enough! I'd advise giving these guys 'a call last' as they say!
Jeremy T.23/10/2014
     I like to get the curtain cleaning done once every few weeks as they are such an integral feature of our home. I love curtains but not when they are spoiled by filth and dirt and horrendous stains. When I use CleanersBelgravia I know what I am going to get. A great personal, professional service and incredibly clean curtains. We have never had curtains quite as clean as the ones that have been cleaned by this team. They truly are masters of their art and they do their work well and with vigour. They are just great and I recommend them to the highest level!
Sian G.09/10/2014
     Being the owner of a bar downtown, it's important that the place looks good, at least until the rush starts. Cleaning the whole place myself every morning is a tall order, seeing as I don't have many staff at my disposal, but CleanersBelgravia was there to pick up the slack. I always thought that professional cleaners were only suitable for home cleaning, but once the cleaning staff arrived, that's opinion changed. They did a fantastic job the first day, and have remained consistent right up to today! There's a reason I hire them at least twice a week now!
     I have been using CleanersBelgravia as my main window cleaner of choice for a while now, and I have to say that they are a very good firm. You will find that there are a great many different companies out there, form the specialists to those who just roll up to your door and offer you the job. However, it is the kind of thing that comes with experience, and I have found that CleanersBelgravia are always prepared, no matter what the weather is like, to get the place looking excellent.
Ronald Edwards31/07/2014
     I just finished university and after the previous two years of losing some of my deposit on the house, I wanted to make sure that didn't happen again. My parents just hired a cleaner from CleanersBelgravia and told me to hire from there too because they were always saying how well their cleaner did everything. Since I needed nothing less than perfection, I tried it. Needless to say, the house was better than it's ever been and I got all of my deposit back all for a student friendly price too! Even my housemates took down the company's number.
Ollie Taylor16/07/2014
     When I was looking for a cleaner to clean my three bedroom flat in the city I just wanted a service that would no hassle to deal with. Sometimes I'll admit my place can be pretty messy but thanks to these wonderful cleaners from CleanersBelgravia I have been able to keep my bachelor pad looking attractive at all times. I look forward to my regular cleaning visits simply to have a cup of tea with my friendly, charismatic cleaner- not to mention that they provide value for money that is second to none. It is great to have so much more free time as I really hate doing the housework and really love my cleaner.
Neil H.30/06/2014
     I was struggling to keep my home clean, so I thought to hire a professional cleaner. This worried me though because I knew I wouldn't be present when they would-be working so I was anxious about letting strangers into my home unattended. I called CleanersBelgravia and they showed me that this was uncalled for. The cleaners they have sent to my address have been friendly, hardworking and trustworthy. I have no problem letting them get on while I see to my work and I can rest comfortably knowing I will return to a spotless abode.
Alice Cunningham20/06/2014
     Knowing that I am terrible at cleaning, and just shouldn't bother, or that I am just incredibly lazy, I have always used cleaning companies. I have been using CleanersBelgravia for a long while now, and I am happy to say that they are amazing! I love getting home from work when they have been round, as it is always transformed every week into this gleaming show home, that looks incredible! I'm serious, I always have people round for drinks on Thursdays to make the most of it, and everyone loves my place when it is this clean!
Virginia Phillips14/05/2014
     I'm so glad that a friend recommended CleanersBelgravia to me, and I'm even more glad that I hired my domestic cleaner from them! My home was always really unclean but I didn't have the energy or the skills to get it looking as it should. I hired a cleaner because I thought it would make my life easier, and I wasn't wrong. Even when I did clean my house it never looked as good as it does once it's been seen to by a professional, and the results shock and impress me every single time! Wonderful company, lovely cleaners!
     CleanersBelgravia have been a big help to me and I wanted to come on here and say how thankful I was for all the help that they have given me. They're always there when I need them, whether it's for a quick upholstery cleaning or a full scale spring clean. They really are my go to company, and I've not found any one better. Well, really I've not had to look since I first hired them. They've got everything so completely covered that you just know they'll be able to help, whatever kind of cleaning service you need.
Kathryn Gonzales19/03/2014
     Given that cleaning is not something that I'm particularly used to doing, it seems good to find a cleaning company who can help me out, despite a low budget! If you have to get the place clean with only a little cash, then it is well worth giving CleanersBelgravia a shout. They worked out an excellent deal for me, and I was extremely happy to have had them round when I have done.
S. Wagner05/03/2014
     Thanks so much to the staff at CleanersBelgravia for providing a great one off cleaning service to my business. I needed a thorough cleaning service that could provide expert cleaning for my business. The staff at CleanersBelgravia were diligent, professional and hard working. They were able to get all areas of my business cleaned in no time. They mopped, vacuumed and cleaned surfaces. My business space was looking new and rejuvenated in no time and I was very pleased with their service. I would recommend them to anybody looking for one-off or routine cleaning services.
Claudio W.18/02/2014
     I thought I would hop online and leave a recommendation regarding CleanersBelgravia's work. I work for a temp agency, and as such I get posted to different offices for days or months at a time. I have been in my current post around four months, and it is noticeably cleaner than any other space I have ever worked in. So much so that you really take some time out to appreciate it, and take the time to comment online about it! In all honesty though I have never even noticed anyone doing any cleaning, so they much be pretty discreet about it as the level of cleanliness here never seems to drop. Top work guys I don't know how you do it!
Joanie S.30/01/2014