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23Jan 2015
Tips For Hiring A One-Off Cleaner
Tips For Hiring A One-Off CleanerThere are many reasons you may need to hire a professional cleaner for a once-off occasion. Anything from parties to fancy dinner or after having a big spring cleaning session around the home can call for some additional domestic cleaning help. If you find yourself in the position of wanting to hire some home cleaning assistance, there are some things you should take into consideration prior to contacting cleaning companies. -    Make firm decisions about what exactly you need to be cleaned. Is it just one room? One area of a room? An inside space, or an outdoor entertaining area? Have a clear idea so that you can be specific about the services you are looking for. -    How long do you think your cleaning requirements will take? Try to have an estimated time frame to make the quote pricing easier. -    Are you going to be present when the cleaner is there? What about your family? If you have pets and children you might want to consider having them occupied elsewhere while the cleaner is present. This will allow the cleaner to do a thorough job without distractions. Once you have worked through this list, it is time to get in touch with some cleaning agencies. When undertaking your search, consider these handy tips to make the process easier. -    Ask your friends, family and neighbours if they have used a cleaner before. If they have some good recommendations, these should be the companies you contact first. Remember that you would only want to hire a cleaning company that you’re happy to give a positive referral to afterwards. -    Look closely at the website. Does it look professional? Is there are a clear guide to what services the company offers? Are the contact details easy to locate? These can be good indications to the standard of professionalism the company upholds. -    Take time to chat to the customer service representatives. Feel free to ask many questions and make sure they are answered thoroughly. If the customer service team members seem abrupt and unfriendly, you should look elsewhere. Keep in mind that it is important to trust and respect the cleaning company you are hiring. -    Get a free quote from many different agencies and compare these. If any companies offer a complimentary consultation to inspect the space you need cleaned, don’t hesitate to take them up on the offer. This can also be a good way to gain some insight to their work ethos.-    Make sure the cleaning company is insured so that you are protected if anything is broken or stolen on the cleaning day. -    Find out if the company has a flat rate or charges by the hour and make sure you are clear on the costs and any additional fees that you may incur. On the day of the cleaning, you can prepare the space and make the cleaning process run smoothly. -    Write a list of what you want cleaned, preferably in what order you want them attended to. -    Put any confidential documents and papers away in a drawer. This is just a precautionary measure to protect you and your family’s privacy. -    If you have any breakable, fragile or valuable items in the space that needs to be cleaned, consider putting these away in another room. This is also just precautionary, but it is better to be safe than sorry rather than have a special item accidentally broken.

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