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12Nov 2014
How To Clean Your Garage
How To Clean Your GarageWhen you are planning an intensive house cleaning, most of you are likely to forget about the garage. Garages lie somewhere between being indoors and outdoors, and no one ever thinks about cleaning it because it is the one place where everything we don’t need in the house ends up (if not the attic). Besides its get quick pretty fast, what with all the dirt and grease that we drive in, which makes cleaning it pointless. But there are many advantages to having a clean garage. A dirty, unkempt garage can be home to many insects and smells, either of which can enter your home. If you do not want to hire some professional cleaners to do a heavy-duty garage clean-up and you can’t spare the time to do it at once, break it up into small jobs that are easier to tackle and make place for in your schedule.1.    Clean your tools and equipmentsIf you are a do-it-yourself person who has a whole lot of tools and equipments for various jobs, you would want to make sure that they are maintained well so that they can last long. One of the ways to do it is to remove the grease and dirt that accumulates on it over time. Unless they are electrical equipments, you can easily clean them by washing them in a solution of dishwasher liquid and hot water. Scrub them vigorously under water to remove every bit of grease, but make sure they are not kept in water for too long because some metals rust easily. Rinse with clean water once and then wipe them dry on a towel.If you cannot use water on them, spray some de-greasing cleaner on a piece of rag and wipe down the surfaces, even the ones inside. Take out any bags of wastes or bits stuck between blades before you wipe them.2.    Organize your toolsAfter you are done cleaning them, organize your tools in drawers or on a pegboard. You can use small plastic containers to hold nuts and bolts and similar smaller items. If your equipment is large, clean a section of the garage floor and arrange your equipment there. Make sure it is placed such that is not in the way and won’t cause accidents. If you don’t get to use certain equipments or tools often, put them away in your tool box.3.    Clean the garage floorYour garage floor will probably be very dirty because of all the dirt and grease that stains it. If you have neglected your garage floor for ages, it is generally recommended that you get a cleaning agency to clean it once, and then keep up the cleanliness yourself. But if you want to do it yourself, here is what you can do. Get bulky things out of the way and sweep the entire floor, especially in corners where dust generally tends to accumulate. Then mix a solution of oxygen bleach that is normally used in domestic cleaning and spray it evenly over the floor. Allow it to remain for some time and then hose it down. Let it try before you put everything back in.4.    DeodorizeTo remove any smell from the garage, place buckets of activated charcoal or baking soda in corners to absorb the smell. Concentrated vinegar, with or without essential oils, will also work the same way but you might have to change it more frequently than charcoal or baking soda. Additionally, you could try installing an exhaust fan in your garage or air out the garage every other weekend.

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