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13Aug 2014
Get Your Oven Cleaned Thoroughly In 5 Steps
Get Your Oven Cleaned Thoroughly In 5 StepsIf you are currently facing down the prospect of the oven cleaning, then you will need to approach it in a careful and well planned way. You will find that most people leave the oven cleaning off for ages, and the results are simply that you end up with a difficult job every time. The dirt and grease that builds up in the oven is particularly bad, as the heating of food evaporates grease from the ingredients, and when it cools, they settle inside the oven. The result of this is that the grease will be continually built up by new food being heated, and as the heat intensifies, it bakes the new grease on to the previously existing grease, and that makes for some rock hard grime. The main issue inherent in cleaning the oven well is that you need to break through this hardened dirt in order to get to the metal work in the oven in the first place, so have a look over the following tips and tricks to see how you could be getting your oven cleaning to be as easy as the rest of the house cleaning.1.    Having the right tools, and doing the job regularly will ensure that you are able to get the job done easily enough. If you can, make the oven a regular part of your home cleaning, as this will reduce the build up that happens between cleans. If you can do this often enough, then it will be a quick scrub down, rather than an anti-grease crusade. You will need some gloves, oven cleaner, wire wool, a skewer or scraper, and a long handled scrubbing brush, so that you can reach the back of the oven, without hurting your back.2.    Remove the racks form the oven, and place them in the sink. Whilst wearing your gloves, cover the racks in a layer of the oven cleaner, and leave them submerged, whilst you attend to other parts of the job. Take your scraper and skewer, and break down the crusted on grease, poking at it and then scraping it away when it is crumbling. This should leave you with a much better chance of getting the rest of the residue off. Then, coat the inside of the oven in the oven cleaner as well, ensuring that every nook and cranny is doused in the stuff. You will find that the result will take up a lot of the foam, but it is essential that everything is being attacked by the chemicals in the cleaning product.3.    Whilst you wait for the cleaning fluid to do its job, you can be cleaning the racks in the sink. Having had a while in the fluid, they should be fine to just wipe clean, and you will no doubt  find that the result is a shiny set of oven racks, which you can rinse and leave to dry. Take this moment to clean up the outside of the oven as well, with a sponge and some washing up liquid, if necessary.4.    Scrub the inside of the oven, until you feel like you have rid it of all traces of dirt. If it is proving difficult, then you should cover the inside of the oven again, and ensure that you are giving it the best chance to break the dirt down for you as possible. Repeat until the oven is clean.5.    Rinse out the oven with a load of water and some tea towels. Be careful not to get the floor next to the oven covered in water though!

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