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05Apr 2014
An Easy Method For Mirror Cleaning
An Easy Method For Mirror CleaningUnlike a window, cleaning a mirror can be a bit more difficult. Whilst people aim to look through windows, they look into mirrors. This means that any streaks or marks which are left behind or are found on the glass are often far more visible. Coupled with this, the tendency to get as close to the mirror as possible during use means that people are far more likely to notice an unclean mirror than they are a window. While a window might get more dirty and be tougher to keep clean, getting a mirror cleaned is often essential and is far more noticeable when it hasn’t been done. What follows is a fairly simple method which can help you enjoy clean mirrors throughout your home and taking these steps will help ensure that you always have a clean looking glass when people need to catch a glimpse of themselves. The first step towards a cleaner set of mirrors is to boil the kettle. This might not seem like the likely start to a mirror cleaning solution, but using the water from a boiled kettle is vital. The boiling process ensures that all of the minerals which are found in water – any type of water, whether bottled or tap – are released. It is often these minerals which cause the glass to become streaky and it is often these minerals which can cause a real issue when it comes to getting the cleanest mirrors. Once boiled, allow the water to cool to at least room temperature. You can do this by simply letting it sit in the kettle for a while. Alternatively, you can use a pan to boil the water rather than a kettle and then when it come to the cooling process, you only need to let it sit on the side and cool down. Make regular checks of the water to make sure that it is slowly reaching the required heat and then when it finally gets to the room temperature you are ready to move onto the next step. Take the cooled down water and pour it into an empty spray bottle. When it comes to finding the right spray bottle, there are several options. You can purchase one from a hardware store or supermarket and you can rest assured that this product is brand new and has not been contaminated in any way. The other option is to wait until a different type of cleaning product has run out and then reuse the bottle. This might save money, but runs the risk of the previous product getting into your clean and boiled water, even if it is only slightly. Use a funnel to best pour the water into a spray bottle (whether new or reused). A funnel will mean that you have less chance of spilling anything and will make the entire process easy, though be sure that they funnel has been properly washed beforehand. Once the water is in the spray bottle, add in ten small drops of your washing up liquid.Fasten the lid in place and begin to shake the bottle in your hand. You should be able to feel the soap mixing with the water and beginning to form bubbles. This means that the product is now ready to use. All that now remains is for you to spray the solution onto your mirrors. Once you have done so, wipe the surface clean using either paper towels or a cloth. In these circumstances, some people also use newspaper. A correct and steady hand will ensure that you remain streak and spot free when it comes to your mirrors.

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